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Language Swap

Language Swap program is aimed giving opportunity to English Native Speakers to swap their language to Bahasa Native Speakers. This program is free of charge and is given to every one who wants to learn Bahasa and exchange their English Native Language to English as a Foreign Language learners in Indonesia who are learning English language.

How this program works?

  1. Go to our website and register yourself as Language Swaper (Free of Charge)
  2. Travel to Bali Indonesia and join the program for one to three months ( we provide free airport pick up and transfer and tour while swapping language with our staffs and students)
  3. We provide social Visa Sponsorship for Language Swapers who are interested in doing social works in Indonesia.
  4. Language Swap can be conducted intensively or regularly depends on purpose and need.
  5. All of the Language Swap activities are carried outside while on tour, in restaurant, on the beach, in shopping mall or on our mobile class heading to tourist objects in Bali.

Kursus Bahasa Inggris Percakapan Tercepat di Indonesia hanya di pulau Bali.

Study Tour di Bali

Belajar Sambil Jalan-Jalan ke Obyek Wisata di Bali. Praktek Bicara dengan Turis/Bule-Bule.

Garansi Kami

Jaminan kami, Silahkan ambil kembali uang anda 100% Jika anda Tidak Mahir bercakap-cakap Bahasa Inggris formal dalam jangka waktu yang ditentukan.

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